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Instruction Sheets: The Magic Key Mansion - Page 2

Back in March I started a series of posts about Precious Places instruction sheets.  It was my intention to post photos of whatever instructions I could get a hold of so that we could all puzzle through them together.  However, as you may know, I didn't get any further than posting about the first page of the Magic Key Mansion instructions.

Until now that is....

So, sorry it's taken me eight months, but let's go on to page two, shall we?

Here is a photo of the Magic Key Mansion instruction sheet, page 2 (from my personal collection):

I know it's hard to read such tiny print, so I've taken close-ups of the top and bottom halves of the page.  Here's the top (click on the picture to view a larger image):

 And here's the bottom:

Since it may still be hard to read, here's what it says (starting at the top of page one, working to the bottom of the first column and then back up again and down the right side):

Find Pink House.
Find Porch Roof and Battery Box (Bagged Separately).
[Illustrations: Battery Box and Porch Roof]
Open Master Bags A & B.
Find Chimney, Power Wall And 3 Basement Walls In Master Bag B.
[Illustrations: Basement walls, Chimney and Power Wall]
Find Bags 1-9 (Content List Follows) And Line Them Up In Front Of You In Order Of Numbers.
NOTE: Parts are not all bagged in assembly order.  During assembly, we suggest keeping unused pieces inside the numbered bags so they are easier to find when required.

Contents Of Bags 1 - 9:

Bag 1
House trim (vertical) (7)
Fence (3)
Porch roof trim (2)

Bag 2
Windows (9)
Round windows (2)
Oval window (1)
Outside doors with frames (2)
Door trim for power wall door (1)
Corner closet door/frame/wall (1)

Bag 3 
Bird tower (1)
Mousetrap cellar (1)
Fireplace (1)
Clock (1)
Mailbox (1)

Bag 4
Brick pillars (2)
Steps (2)
"Stone" stairs (1)

Bag 5
Front porch (1)
Side porch (1)
Bedroom floor (1)
Bathroom floor (1)
Ceilings (2)

Bag 6
Large roof (1)
Small roof (1)

Bag 7
Roof trim (8)
Bird tower trim (6)

Bag 8
Lights (5)

Bag 9
Flower boxes (4)
Flowers (4)
Porch roof triangular pieces (2)

Remember to check off steps as you complete them!
Be sure BASE LABELS are all applied. 
Turn base upside down after labels are all applied.

Snap in mousetrap cellar (Bag 3) from underneath base. Be sure it is securely fastened.
Snap the three basement walls to each other, matching A to A and B to B.
Snap basement walls to base from underneath, matching up all tabs and slots and pressing firmly to make sure they are securely in place.  Pull green tabs out slightly while pushing down side walls.
Turn base right side up.
[Illustrations: Rotate and insert Mousetrap Cellar, and Basement Wall assembly]

Snap in 2 brick pillars (Bag 4) near front walk
Snap in brick stairs at front (Bag 4).
Snap in 2 sets of steps with railings (Bag 4) at side and at front (higher steps go at side).
Snap 3 pieces of fence (Bag 1) onto base.
Attach mailbox (Bag 3) to small fence piece.
Snap front porch frame (Bag 5) onto base.
Add side porch frame (Bag 5) to base.
Set base aside.
[Illustration: Porch, Steps & Fence assembly]

Place outside of house in front of you.
Snap vertical trim pieces (Bag 1) into outside of house as shown in illustration.  Note that notches in trim pieces line up with window frames.
Remove windows and doors from Bag 2.
Snap in 9 house windows, bottom tab first. Note that shapes and sizes of windows differ.
Snap in 2 round windows at gable ends.
Snap in 2 outside doors.
Set house aside.
Snap oval window into bird tower (Bag 3) and set aside.
[Illustration: Window and Vertical Trim installation]

And thus ends page 2.

Nothing earth shattering as far as I can see, but boy would it have ever been nice to have had these instructions the first time I attempted to assemble the Mansion.  Those trim pieces are a doozy!

What do you think?  Does anything jump out at you?  And on another subject, anyone giving or hoping to get Precious Places sets this holiday season? 

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