Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Most Wanted List Revisited

Last December I published my Precious Places Most Wanted List that detailed the five sets that are rare to the point that I thought they might be non-existent.  Since I wrote that post, I've gotten more information, so I thought it was time to revisit the list.

5) The Pretty Penny Wishing Well - Aqua Well with Pink Roof

Current Status: More rare than pink well with aqua roof, but definitely findable
Since writing my first list, two or three aqua wells with pink roofs have turned up on eBay including one that had a pink watering can.  (I still have yet to see a purple ladle though.)

4) Wendy and Her Ice Cream Cart with Aqua Wheels

Photo courtesy of eBay seller kcaparso22

Current Status: The picture says it all, this set is out there!  
Unfortunately my eBay app failed to remind me to bid at the end of this auction, so I missed the chance to actually own this set.  Grrrr..... But it is nice to know that it does indeed exist.

3) The Mother and Baby Pony in Pink 

Current Status: Still unsighted.  No further information available.

2) The Dining Room

Current Status: Still unsighted, but...
I've had one particular commenter give me good reason to hope that this set may yet turn up.

Anonymous commenter on 7-7-11 said:
"... about the dinning room set. i remeber my dad taking me to zellers in canada. i had the choice of the dinning room set or the purple bedroom set. i chose the bedroom! however knowing what i know now i woulda chose the dinning set lol!"

This is the first information I've gotten from anyone who remembers seeing the set in a store.  It's a promising sign, don't you think?

1) All the County Fair Sets

Current Status: Still unsighted by me, but...
Had a recent conversation with another collector who told me that about twelve years ago there was a Ferris Wheel prototype set for sale on eBay.  She didn't remember much about it except that it was definitely listed as a prototype (the seller said she got it from a friend who worked for Fisher Price) and that it sold for hundreds of dollars (no surprise there).

I also got information from an anonymous commenter on 8-4-11:
"I got news for those of you interested- I have spent the last hour on the phone with fisher-price and they said the county fair sets WERE sold to the public!! Only for a limited time and they are not sure how many but they ARE out there!! Also none of the precious places sets had more than 26,000 made and there are 4 sets that I have not found on any lists but that fisher price told me exist and were sold but in a smaller amount. They are number 5192 combo scene, 5179 special furniture, 5210 special kit and 6563 sign- that was all the info they had and they said they were promotional items. Also the dining room was also mass produced so those of you looking don't give up!!"

All this gives me just a glimmer of hope that whether prototype or mass-produced set, I may yet find one or (can I dare to dream) two of the County Fair sets to call my own.

(PS. If the winning bidder of the Ferris Wheel prototype set is out there, please contact me!  I'd love to know more about it.  You can reach me here:


  1. The wishing well set is on ebay:

    Too expensive for me right now!

  2. I have a photo of myself, as a child, playing with pieces from the dining room set! It was most likely purchased at Zellers, and definitely purchased in Canada. Next time I visit my mom, I'll look through all my old toys.

  3. Hi Anonymous -
    I'd love to see that picture of the dining room set. Any chance you'd be willing to scan it and send it to me?

    Thanks for the info!

  4. there's something wrong with that picture of Wendy and her cart with teal wheels. The photo card isn't of wendy, it's baby amanda.

  5. I've had the Wendy and Ice Cream cart set for years, so its out there, and the last poster is correct. The Wendy set packaging contains the wrong card! I recall looking for the wishing well when I was still young, and I had always wanted that ferris wheel! Good luck in your search!

  6. I have the rare wishing well set. Send me a message I'd be willing to part with it.


  7. I am looking for Wendy and her ice cream cart as well as Andy and his skateboard! And of course, the dining room set. I remember searching for it when I was a young girl.


    Picture with Purple ladle:

  9. I have the Mother and Baby Pony. I still have the box it came in as well. What is confusing everyone is that the box shows a pink baby pony, but what came inside is a white baby pony.

  10. I seriously think I have most of what is on your wish list except probably the well, I think mine was white and lavender? (maybe it was a gazebo and not a well). I'm just now starting to go through my old toys at my parents' house. This toy was neat, I just don't think it caught on in the U.S. It was pricey, and I was ageing out of toys right around the time I got this stuff (I was born in 1982)

  11. I remember on Christmas morning. I got the dollhouse and all the furniture sets ecept the dinning room. My mother told me it was not available. Mabey she asked the people at toys r us .
    Back in the 80s people who worked there
    Seamed to know about there products alot more then now a days and my mother was very thorough about the toys she bought me. To tell you the truth i think she enjoyed them more then i did .lol . We would call the toy company's to find out more information if we could not find what we needed .
    I think if it was available. It may have only been available in Canada like alot of 80s playsets we have come to find out in today's Internet world. Or maybe the dinning room sets only got to the small store's like t.g and y . (Remember that place? !)
    Im sure it will turn up on ebay one day for hundreds of dollars .
    Or maybe at a garage sale.
    Who knows ,strager finds have been known to happen !

  12. I started "recollecting" this set a year ago. I was born in 82 and my mom purchased a lot of buildings for my little sister and I. We absolutely loved waking up Christmas morning to find these jewels! As a little girl we had most everything included in the set. Of we did not have the dinning room :( (Would love to have that in my lifetime!)

    So last year, when I received my Christmas bonus, I vowed to use it towards my Precious Places Collection. And now I can proudly say I am only missing a few things. Still needed are Any on his skateboard, playroom furniture, sunshine picnic and wishing well.

    Not only do I love to collect these wonderful precious places, I also really love coming up with interesting and beautiful set ups of the town and roads. I really do spend hours sometime trying to get just the perfect set up. I would love to post some pictures. Would you consider creating a blog topic specifically for the complete set up of the village?


    1. I would absolutely love see your pictures of your set up of the town and roads! I had them as a kid and started recollecting them too. I am now only missing a couple of things. I love hearing that there are other Precious Places lovers out there too!

  13. Hey everyone!

    I have a very rare item!my mum used to be a toy buyer and has an unopened precious places display for a store. I have pictures and it contains a church with a working light in the top and from what I can see (still In original bubblewrap) two houses a lake, trees and a bridge. I also have all the original instructions to set it up and within this is a bunch of "100 precious places prizes to be won" competition flyers. These are a colouring in competition from what I can see.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction of someoen that would be interested I am happy to send photos etc.

    Matt Pink