Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Pretty Penny Wishing Well Parts List

At last, the moment you've all been waiting for (or at least, the moment, I've been so excited to write about)... The complete and verified Pretty Penny Wishing Well parts list.

Before I begin however, I need to be sure and let everyone know that the part numbers and most of the descriptive content for this list has been borrowed from the website The changes I've made to their list based on what I found in my new-in-the-box set are in red. Here it is:

The Pretty Penny Wishing Well Accessories List:

* FPT6741 - Round yellow base with a ring in the center for the wishing well. There is a litho with fish swimming in water inside the wishing well circle. There is a litho walkway around the circle with pink hearts, yellow dots and blue triangles and flowers on a purple background. The base has a little entrance area with a slit on each side for the accessory lattice-simulated arbor. The opposite side of the base has several little holes for the accessory fence.
*FPT? - Pink wishing well base with a hook in the middle for the accessory water bucket and a hook on both sides for the accessory ladle and two pegs on top to attach the roof.
*FPT? - Aqua scalloped wishing well roof. There are two holes on the underside to attach it to the wishing well base. It has a half-circle shaped litho on either side showing a pink heart in the center with flowers to either side on a purple background.
*FPT6614 - White soft plastic lattice-simulated archway that attaches to 2 holes in the FPT6741 base. The archway has pink flowers and green leaves on it.
*FPT6617 - White soft plastic ornamental railings/fence that fits into holes along the side of the base.
*FPT6743 - Pink watering bucket with a hinged (removable) handle.
*FPT6744 - Pink watering bucket handle.
*FPT6745 - Pink ladle with a curved handle that fits on a hook on the side of the well.
*FPT6746 - Purple garden watering can with a handle and a round (not white) pour spout.
*FPT6748 - Precious places figure - Female (Michelle) wearing a pink dress with yellow trim along the bottom and a yellow flower in the center of her chest. She wears yellow gloves, has blonde hair and has a pink flower in her hair. She is holding a dark pink umbrella (folded up, pointing down across her dress).
*FPT6747 - Aqua key with a magnet on one end and a handle on the other end. The handle is marked "Precious Places" on one side and has a litho showing a pink heart with a circle of flowers on a purple background on the other side.
*Decal sheet with the three lithos to complete the set.
*Map - a 16.5" x 11" fold out "village map" that has full color pictures.

There you go... Now you know just about everything I know about the Pretty Penny Wishing Well. In a future post I will be addressing my remaining questions about the set, as well as posting pictures of the different pieces, so stick around for that! And of course, please let me know if you have any questions about the set that you'd like me to try and answer.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Inside the Pretty Penny Wishing Well Box

Continuing my series of posts about my new in the box Pretty Penny Wishing Well...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I got a bit of a surprise when I first took out my never-been-opened Wishing Well set. (Can I just say that it was kind of a thrill to cut the tape on the box flap and know that I was the first person to touch this oh-so-rare set? Silly, I know, but it was fun.) As I pulled out all the little baggies of parts, I noticed in the other end of of the box there was a little u-shaped cardboard piece filling the side. At first I thought it was just to keep the pieces from shifting around too much in the box, but when I pulled out the cardboard, something else fell out too... a village map!

I was surprised to see it because I have two other new in the box smaller sets and neither one of them came with a map. I'd always assumed it was only the buildings that came with a map, which would explain why the maps are more rare than other parts. But now I'm working on a new theory. More about that another time...

My next post, what I personally am most excited to write about, the complete and verified Pretty Penny Wishing Well parts list.