Thursday, June 3, 2010

Inside the Pretty Penny Wishing Well Box

Continuing my series of posts about my new in the box Pretty Penny Wishing Well...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I got a bit of a surprise when I first took out my never-been-opened Wishing Well set. (Can I just say that it was kind of a thrill to cut the tape on the box flap and know that I was the first person to touch this oh-so-rare set? Silly, I know, but it was fun.) As I pulled out all the little baggies of parts, I noticed in the other end of of the box there was a little u-shaped cardboard piece filling the side. At first I thought it was just to keep the pieces from shifting around too much in the box, but when I pulled out the cardboard, something else fell out too... a village map!

I was surprised to see it because I have two other new in the box smaller sets and neither one of them came with a map. I'd always assumed it was only the buildings that came with a map, which would explain why the maps are more rare than other parts. But now I'm working on a new theory. More about that another time...

My next post, what I personally am most excited to write about, the complete and verified Pretty Penny Wishing Well parts list.

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