Thursday, March 10, 2011

Instruction Sheets: The Magic Key Mansion - Page One

As I'm sure you already know, the website is a fantastic resource for all things Precious Places.  There is no way I could ever have put together the database of parts that they have so kindly published for all of us collectors out there.  However, one thing they are lacking is pictures of all the different instruction sheets for PP sets, so I thought I'd start a  new series of posts and give you as much information as I can get a hold of regarding those instruction sheets.

I do not yet have all of the instruction sheets, but I have a couple, and most importantly, I recently acquired the instruction sheet for the Magic Key Mansion.  Because it is a large, four page document, I'm going to split up the instructions into a mini-series of four posts (one for each page).

So, without further ado, here is the Magic Key Mansion Instruction Sheet, page one:

And because I know it's hard to read such tiny print, I've taken close-ups of the top and bottom halves of the page.  Here's the top (click on the picture to view a larger image):

Since it's still hard to read, here's what the top of the page says:

Instructions                                                            Magic Key Mansion

(2 "D" batteries are required, alkaline recommended.)
CAUTION: This product contains small parts which may pose a choking hazard to children who still put objects in their mouths.  Keep all plastic bags out of children's reach.

No tools are required for assembling the Magic Key Mansion; however, the assembly instructions are very specific and need to be read carefully and followed exactly.  Because there are many pieces we suggest using a large clear work surface.

DO follow the steps in order.  Use the check-off boxes as you progress from step to step.  The pictures will help you recognize the various pieces.  DO take time to make sure all the snap-fits are secure.  When you have completed the mansion you should be able to lift it by the floors or by the base, but not by the roof!

Check off steps as you complete them.
Labels are to be applied to the GREEN BASE (not bagged) and to the BEDROOM and BATHROOM FLOORS (found in Bag 5).

Step-By-Step Assembly Instructions
Find Label Sheets.
Find Green Base (Not Bagged).
Apply Labels To Base.
(Bedroom And Bathroom Floors Also Require Labels.)

To Apply Labels:
Refer to label diagrams to apply labels correctly.
Be sure the areas where labels will go are clean and dry.
Remove labels from sheet and apply as indicated.
Carefully position each label and press in the center, smoothing outward toward edges to get air bubbles out.

Okay, me here again.  This is what the diagram on the bottom of the page looks like closer up (click on the picture to view a larger image):

Besides the amusingly schizophrenic use of bold, CAPITALS, and even an occasional underline, the most interesting part of this first page to me is that there is no mention of a label (or litho) for the Magic Key.  You would have to assume that with these "very specific" instructions, they would have mentioned the litho if there was one.  I'd like to be wrong, but it seems to me that it is yet another strike against my hope of ever finding the Magic Key Mansion's Magic Key litho.

I really am disappointed that the instructions don't say anything about a litho, I was so hoping they would, but I am still excited to share more of these and other instruction sheets with you.  So, stay tuned for more posts in my Instruction Sheets series!


  1. Is it sick that I really enjoy looking at these and closely examining them?
    <3 Sarah

  2. Sarah -

    Well, if you're sick, then so am I because I was so excited to get these that when I picked them up from the person I bought them from, I only barely managed to resist the urge to read them while driving. However, at every stop light I'd pick them up again and read as fast as I could! (And then of course, when I got home I just poured over them!)

  3. I was given this whole set as a gift from a neighbor I barely knew. It is a rather large set, that is currently stored in a huge oversized plastic tote. We have only put it together one time. There are so many pieces and keys, people, flowers, etc. So happy to have stumbled upon this post! Now, I know what the village is called.