Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dad's Personality Card

Just a couple more to go before I have posted a complete collection of personality card pictures on my blog!  Today I give you... Dad at Work.

Front of card:

Back of card:

And here's what the back of the card says:

Dad at Work
Meet Dad! He teaches fifth grade math. Many nights he brings home papers to correct. He puts stickers on all the papers that get A's. In the evenings dad coaches our soccer team. We don't always win, but we have a lot of fun. Dad often brings home a bunch of violets for Mom and fun books for us. Dad also like to take us out for ice cream. He always orders a large chocolate soda - that's his favorite flavor.
Birthday: March 28
Favorite Sport: Soccer

What a great Dad, huh?  Again, I'm not totally clear who the 'we' is who wrote this glowing description of Dad, but since I'm assuming Dad at Work is married to Mom at Work, the 'we' must be the same group who lovingly penned Mom's personality card.  Rollerskating Sara and Skateboarding Andy look like they could be siblings, maybe they're Mom and Dad's kids?  

I probably shouldn't work too hard at figuring out the genealogies of plastic playthings, but I do have just one more question... 

What is a chocolate soda anyway?


  1. Just found this blog by googling "Precious Places" after watching 80s and 90s toy commercials on YouTube, and not finding any for Precious Places. :( Awesome job - things like this are what's best about the internet - a thoroughly researched account of a "niche" product.

    This was my toy growing up, so it's great to see all the pieces again! I think I had every building except for the kitchen (my mother had to choose between that and the nursery one Christmas, and guess which was impossible to find later?), and almost all the smaller sets. You've inspired me to pull the box out of the attic next time I'm home! ^_^

  2. I think chocolate soda is a mix of chocolate ice cream and soda. My grand mother used to make me mix of vanilla ice cream and 7up... In my memory, it was delicious... I should make one to my little girl this summer...

  3. Hey Pollybeam -

    Welcome to my blog! Thanks for visiting! There is actually one video of a precious places commercial on youtube, but it's hard to find because precious is spelled wrong. You can find the link under the PP TV commercials category on my blog. I wish there were more commercials though, because the jingle I remember isn't on the youtube one.

    It is true the Country Kitchen Cottage was harder to find later because it was only produced one year. Naturally, it is also much more rare to find on eBay than the nursery.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy your trip down memory lane when you pull our your old precious places. They're such timeless toys!

    Thanks again for visiting!

  4. Hi Val,

    My family always called ice cream in soda a "float". I'm sure you're right, but I'm still having trouble thinking of a kind of soda that would taste good with chocolate ice cream in it! The 7up/vanilla ice cream combo sounds intriguing. I might have to try that.

  5. So this is a little off topic but I was wondering what you and other users though would be fair prices for some of the more hard to come by sets or even just not as common ones. I always want to find a bargain and dont want to overpay even though I love these so much. Thanks!

  6. A chocolate soda is probably. New York area type egg cream, sometimes called chocolate or vanilla sodas. Or, Italian sodas come in hundreds of flavors, they are a blend of syrups and seltzer. Egg creams are made using fox's U-bet chocolate syrup, sweetened condensed milk,

    1. Sorry, keyboard went wonky. Also made with a small amount of whole milk, and seltzer. Totally yummy.