Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mom's Personality Card

Here is yet another post in my series on the Precious Places personality cards.  Today's featured figure... Mom at Work.

Front of card:

Back of card:

And here is what the card says:

Mom at Work
Meet Mom! She loves to be outside and exercise. She likes to garden and rides her bike everywhere. She's also a great cook and makes lots of different meals with food from her garden. In the summer, we have fresh fruits and vegetables like strawberries, corn on the cob, and tomatoes. Sometimes she makes us our favorite lunch - peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After school Mom takes us to the park and we play on the swings with all our friends from the village.
Birthday: January 10
Favorite Dessert: Fudge brownies with chocolate chips.

I think Mom sounds like a genuine Martha Stewart.  The only thing I'm not clear on is who 'we' is referring to.  Who is writing the personality card?  Her kids?  Exactly which kids from the village are hers?  All of them??!?! Or maybe the owner of the Country Kitchen Cottage claims a few?

We may never know.


  1. I randomly read your blog since I LOVED LOVED LOVED these toys as a child. In fact I still have all of mine, including the mansion & about half of the other buildings. I also randomly check ebay just to see what is out there. Currently, findstotreasure is selling a Twirling Melody Gazebo that is not the standard colors, the roof appears to be a golden color instead of purple along with the clock. I sent him a message & he says the colors are correct on the image. It's only $8.50 so it might be worth a try. :)

  2. Anonymous - Sometimes you'll see parts that are that golden color or even more of an orange shade. That is actually an indication of light damage (probably the toys were left in the sun at some point) and the plastic has changed color as a result. But you're right that a gazebo for $8.50 isn't bad, even if you only use it for parts.