Saturday, January 29, 2011

Introducing: Precious Places Market Square

I've just added a feature to my Precious Places Collector blog.  On the sidebar to the right you will notice the link to the new Precious Places Market Square.  This is a place for all of you other Precious Places collectors to post ads for sets or pieces that you have available for sale or trade.  Check back often so you can find the pieces you need for your collection.  And thanks to my reader Exousia for suggesting the page.  What a great idea!


  1. OMG Did you see the new in box magic mansion on ebay that went for only 43 bucks? I am envious!

  2. Yeah, I totally should have bid on that, but who would ever have guessed it would go for so little? The shipping was like $60 since it was in Canada, but still... excellent steal for the winner.