Monday, February 14, 2011

Precious Places Village Tour Stop 3: The Pink Slippers Ballet Studio

As we move on from the Blue Ribbon Pony Stable in our Precious Places Village Tour, we come to set #5153, The Pink Slippers Ballet Studio.

Here is a picture of the set in my personal collection:

As far as I know, my set is complete.  I even have the box and instruction sheet.  (I'm planning on posting pictures of both in a different post at a later time.)

As a child I'm sure I wanted this set (what little girl doesn't dream about being a ballerina?) but as an adult, I think it's the least interesting of all the shops.  It is certainly cute, but it doesn't come with as many accessories or ways to interact with it as the other shop sets.

The Ballet Studio is probably the most common of the Precious Places shops and easiest to find with all its pieces.  However, I have noticed that the mirror is often scratched, even in sets that are otherwise intact, so that might be something to inquire about when purchasing this set online.

What do you think?  Is the Ballet Studio one of your favorite sets?  Did you have it as a child?  Please feel free to leave any questions, comments or further information about this set in the comments section of my post!


  1. It was only of my favorites, maybe because it was pink. I loved the ballet bar.