Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Pretty Penny Wishing Well in Aqua

Turns out it does exist...

This set turned up on eBay recently:

Click Here to visit this eBay auction
I'd just love to add this aqua well with a pink roof to my collection, unfortunately $250 is more than I can afford.

Maybe Santa will be in a really generous mood this Christmas.

I doubt it, but we'll see...


  1. Hi, I have this with a few differences. My bucket is purple and my watering can is pink. I am unfortunately missing the ladle. Rest is the same as picture, aqua wishing well with pink roof. I did not realize that mine was a variation.

  2. Hey Anonymous,

    Yeah, the Pretty Penny Wishing Well can be either aqua with a pink roof (as pictured here) or pink with an aqua roof (which is what I happen to have). As you noted, it can also come with either a pink or purple bucket and pink or purple watering can. I'm not sure about the ladle, I've only ever seen it in pink, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is a purple one out there somewhere. I'm still looking for it though.

    Most of the sets originally were sold with parts or accessories in more than one color, so if you really want EVERY Precious Places piece, you'll end up with more than one of a lot of sets, the Wishing Well included.

  3. This was my very first set, and I think it's still my favorite. So sweet and girly! I believe my color combination was the exact one shown above - not sure about the bucket and watering can, but everything else is as shown.

  4. I got this set on eBay a couple months ago. Aqua well and pink roof. My watering can is pink, ladle and bucket are a purple/blue color. It was new in the box and I spent alittle over $70. To me that was expensive but i really wanted it, haha. But it was no where near $250! I couldn't do $250 lol.

    Also I just want to thank you for this amazing blog! I visit on here pretty much daily. I am in love with Precious Places and I feel like no one understands why! Well at least my 4 year old daughter loves them with me.

    I hope to read more post on here from you soon in the near future!