Thursday, September 16, 2010

Precious Places Eye Candy

Here is a two page spread from the 1989 Fisher Price Toy Fair Catalog. This catalog introduced Precious Places to the toy dealers at Toy Fair and while there isn't anything new or revealing in this particular picture, I still think it's fun to look at!


  1. I know it's sort of lame to be the first one to comment on your own post, but I was just looking at the picture again and noticed two things out of place 1) Andy's skateboard doesn't have a flag and 2) Michelle (not Brittany) is in the Gazebo. It's almost like one of those "spot the difference" puzzles.

  2. What I like about this image, is that I have every piece on it. That makes me stop thinking about the ones I m still missing!

  3. My sister and I collected these..they were much loved!! My favorite person was Brittany (I'm a redhead, too) and the Gazebo...I had a fascination with gazebos! Thanks for the memories!