Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Introducing: The County Fair Sets

I've always wondered what the Precious Places County Fair sets looked like and a few times I attempted to find the catalog with their pictures, but I was never successful... until now!

I am happy to announce that due to the kindness of Scott over at Fisher Price Little People World, I now have pictures of the County Fair sets. And here they are:

Here's what the three text boxes say from top to bottom:

NEW - 5235
Magic Melody Ferris Wheel (TV)
The highlight of any County Fair is a ride on the Ferris Wheel, and this one is very special! Help Lauren board with your magnetic key. Wind up the music box, and with a turn of the key the wheel turns, music plays and the colored lights twinkle. Between the cars, dainty birds swing on their perches. Includes magnetic key, a friend named Lauren, flags, flower, and a snack bar. Requires two size AA batteries (not included). 5 yrs. and up.
Ea. in box, 12 7/8"l x 14 1/4"h x 7 3/4"d. 6 pcs. per 16.5 lb. shipper.

NEW - 5220
Mini Places Assortment (TV)
Two favorite attractions - a Fun and Games Arcade and Miss Precious Places Pageant - add to the excitement of the County Fair! Join Katie in the Arcade which includes a popcorn stand, ball toss and cotton candy stand, prizes and cotton candy sticks. Key makes popcorn "pop"! The Miss Precious Places Pageant comes complete with moving stage curtain, elevator, podium, spotlights, camera, bouquet and sash. The key activates the elevator and opens the curtain. Each includes a magnetic key and figure. 5 yrs. and up.
Ea. in a box, 8 3/4"l x 7 1/2"h x 4"d. One 4-pc. asst. (1 of 5221 Fun and Games Arcade; 3 of 5222 Miss Precious Places Pageant per 3.5 lb. shipper.

NEW - 5230 Deluxe Midway Assortment (TV)
Three exciting attractions make up the County Fair midway. Assortment includes Kissing Sweetheart Swan Ride (see figures turn and hear them kiss as key moves swan boat through the "tunnel of love"), Tea Party Tree-house (key operates elevator), and Dancing Pony Merry-Go-Round (key moves ponies up, down and around). Each includes magnetic key and figure. 5 yrs. and up.
Ea. in box, 8 3/4"l x 9 1/2"h x 4 7/8"d. One 6-pc. asst. (2 ea. of 5525 Tea Party Tree-house, 5231 Kissing Sweetheart Swan Ride & 5232 Dancing Pony Merry-Go-Round) per 5.7 lb. shipper.

Me here again. I think one of the really cool things about these sets is that it doesn't look like they recycled many of the pieces from previous sets. You will recognize a few of the figure molds, but other than that, the majority of the parts are brand new. Wow! I wish I could buy them.

How about you? Do they look like you imagined they would? If you could have just one, which one would you get? (I'm thinking Ferris Wheel, but I also think the Fun and Games Arcade with its "popping popcorn" is terribly cute!) Please leave comments! I want to know if anyone else out there is as excited about this as I am. I was dancing around my living room last night when I found the pictures in my inbox, and yes, my husband rolled his eyes, but you know what, I don't care a bit!


  1. Oh my gosh! I cant believe you got these pictures! I also love the Ferris wheel but I also like the merry go round! And all of them! I am so excited. Thanks so much for getting them to share with all of us.

  2. Wow and wow again!
    I would pay a lot to have one of those. They are beautiful! And I must add that my husband does not understand my excitment either! Men... Thank a lot for putting the pictures!

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    You know, I thought having pictures would make me feel better, but I think they just made me want the fair sets even more!

  4. They make me want them more too but I wondered so often about what they would look like that I'm so glad to finally see them! I cant even tell how many times I read those tiny little blurps about them on Now I find myself staring at the pictures instead.

  5. The thing I like about those sets, it's that the colors are different. We're not use to see some of them in the other sets like dark pruple and dark blue...

  6. Hello. When I saw these I was so amazed! Their gorgeous! I would pay any amount to have one. Are these even out there? Or Are they rare to get?

  7. These sets were never mass produced and sold to the public. Obviously since there are pictures of the sets, some prototypes existed at one point. How many prototypes were made and where are they now? I have not been able to find any answers to those questions. If I ever got even one of these sets, I'd consider myself extremely lucky.

  8. Do you know why these were never mass produced? They're so adorable! I'm glad to finally see what they looked like, and I've been curious about why they weren't sold to the public.

  9. I got news for those of you interested- I have spent the last hour on the phone with fisher-price and they said the county fair sets WERE sold to the public!! Only for a limited time and they are not sure how many but they ARE out there!! Also none of the precious places sets had more than 26,000 made and there are 4 sets that I have not found on any lists but that fisher price told me exist and were sold but in a smaller amount. They are number 5192 combo scene, 5179 special furniture, 5210 special kit and 6563 sign- that was all the info they had and they said they were promotional items. Also the dining room was also mass produced so those of you looking don't give up!!

  10. that's interesting pictures.

  11. Its so sad they stoped this line .
    When i heard they were coming back to stores agine, i was supper exited.
    Then super sad to see they were nothing like the vintage sets.
    It be interesting to see the line return again if done right .
    I can only imagine with all the technology we have with are phones and pads what endless possibilities they can have with the sets. I still like to imagine what new sets whould be like .
    A place to slide your phone .with apps that interact with the figures, special light up dance floors ect . Dose anyone know why they canceled the line ? From the looks of the fair sets ,the quality was only improving. Unlike toys today .the tea tree house is to amazing. Definitely whould have had the whole fair set under the Christmas tree!
    My mom bought me all the sets at Christmas time because it was like her porclen Christmas village.the good old days . I was allways hopeing theyed get to doing city town sets with high rises. And im very surprised they did not come out with a line for boys .
    So if your listening fisher price . Get back to work and bring these high quality sets back please ! Adults dont want cars and house's anymore. They want toys .lol i wounder what other hidden gems of unreleased and prototype sets are floating out there !