Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Little Something About the Dining Room

Until recently, this picture of the Dining Room from the Village Map was about all the information I had regarding this elusive Precious Places set:

But I recently acquired scans of several pages from the 1989 Fisher Price Toyfair Catalog and there was just one more bit of information about the set that I never knew:

In addition to the picture showing a slightly different room arrangement, the catalog has text that says the magnetic "Key makes table leaves go up and down!" This was sort of a surprise to me since I'd always figured the key made the cart move.

While not as amazing as finding the actual set (or even part of it!) I thought it was a fun tidbit that I ought to share with all of you collectors out there.


  1. Is it juste me or this set look a little boring beside the otehrs? Teres only two colors... Or maybe I'm still excited about the county fair sets...

  2. Yeah, there's not much color variation there, but I still wish I had the set. I think the china cabinet is super cute.