Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sidewalk Connector Hearts

On thisoldtoy.com (TOT) it says that the following sets all came with two heart-shaped sidewalk connectors: The Baby's Nursery Cottage, Best Friends Pet Shop, Blue Ribbon Pony Stable, Country Kitchen Cottage, Pink Slippers Ballet Studio, Silver Bells Wedding Chapel and the Twirling Melody Gazebo.

This is what the heart-shaped sidewalk connectors look like:

I am wondering whether these sidewalk connectors were something that may have been included in the sets when they were first produced, but later removed from production. I'm wondering about this for a few reasons:
1) Most e-bay auctions do not have these pieces. Granted they were small parts and would have been easily lost, but it still seems like there ought to be more of them if there actually were two of them in every building set sold.
2) As a child I had the Best Friends Pet Shop and I don't have any sidewalk connectors from that set. Now I can't be absolutely certain that I didn't lose them as a child, but I definitely don't remember them and I have every other part of the two sets that I owned, even the tiny pieces.
3) The most compelling reason I have for doubting that every Precious Places building set sold actually included two sidewalk connectors is that I have asked two e-bay sellers of "New in the Box" sets whether there were heart-shaped sidewalk connectors in the little plastic bags of parts in their auctions. Both sellers said they couldn't see anything like that in the bags of parts.

Anyone out there bought a "New in the Box" Precious Places building recently? Did it come with sidewalk connectors? I'd love to know if you found them in your set.


  1. I have connectors. I bought a mansion off of craigslist a few weeks ago, and while it is discolored it is in great shape. I am giving it to my daughter for Christmas. It had most of the room sets in the mansion with it, and it has these in there. I am currently looking on ebay for more figurines to add with the mansion. I played with all these when I was little, and I know my daughter will love it as much as I did. I am slowly piecing together for her lol.

  2. To Anonymous-

    Good for you finding Precious Places on Craigslist. I've been keeping an eye out on my local Craigslist for quite some time and have never seen anything, so you must have really lucked out. Have fun working on your collection!

  3. I have the Wedding Chapel, and it did not come with the connectors. I didn't even know there was such a thing!