Friday, July 17, 2009

The Precious Places Jingle

The other day I was trying to remember the words to the Precious Places TV commercial jingle. It went something like "In Precious Places everything happens when I use my magic key", but I can't remember if that's exactly right and if there was more to it than that. Anyone remember?


  1. Hi, I remember tons of commercial jingles and this is one that's stuck in my head. This is how I remember the commercial:

    Sung: In Precious Places, everything happens when I use my magic key

    Spoken 1: The key makes things happen! watch and you will see!

    Spoken 2: people move! the lights turn on!

    Spoken 1: just use your Precious Places key!

    Sung: In Precious Places, everything happens when I use my magic key

    I have looked for this commercial on Youtube, Retrojunk etc but nobody seems to have posted it yet.

    I have a few old commercials up on Youtube, my username is "erracht", you can check them out.


  2. Wow! You have an amazing memory. Thanks for commenting!

  3. They have a great copy of the Precious Places ad online here:

    You can hear the theme song in this one:

    "everything happens when I use my magic key."

    Thanks so much for all the stuff you put here, my daughter likes to "play" with me with my old Precious Places toys, and it's become a really great thing for us to share.



  4. Hi A.Lewis,

    Thanks for the links! So fun to see another Precious Places commercial. And thank you for your kind comment about my blog. I'm glad someone else is interested in these toys too and sharing them with another generation!