Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mother and Baby Sets: Pink vs. White

As I have been working on my collection I have become curious about the mother and baby sets in regards to the variation in the color of the baby/babies that came with each set. I personally have two sets with white babies (Ponies and Puppies) and three sets with pink babies (Puppies, Kittens and Bunnies). In addition to these, I have seen on e-bay Mother and Baby Kitten sets that come with white babies. All of this put together seems to verify the (TOT) listings where they state that the Mother and Baby Kittens and the Mother and Baby Puppies can come with either white or pink babies.

I'm wondering two things. One, why didn't the Mother and Bunnies also come with white babies? It seems like if all the other sets came in two colors (pink and white) the bunnies should too. As far as I know though, the bunny babies only come in pink. TOT says they only come in pink and I've never seen them in white.

The second thing I'm wondering is about the Mother and Pony set. The picture on the Mother and Pony box shows a pink baby and TOT says the set can come with a pink or white baby, but I've never actually seen a pink baby in person or for sale in an e-bay auction. Is it possible the picture on the box shows a pink baby, but the set was never actually produced that way? I think it could be.

What do you think? Should the Mother and Bunnies set have come with white babies just like the others? And have you ever actually seen the pink baby pony other than in the picture on the box? Please let me know!

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