Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wendy and The Irony of It All

Funny how I said in my last post that I've never spent more than $50 including shipping on any single Precious Places set and then a couple of days later this set is posted on eBay for $49.99 plus shipping:

Photo courtesy of eBay seller kcaparso22
It is the ultra-rare Wendy with Aqua colored wheels ice cream cart, a set that I've never seen on eBay before.  Not only that but it is new in the package, never been played with!  

But the excitement doesn't stop there, not only is it Wendy with Aqua Wheels, and new in the package ta boot, it comes with Amanda's personality card, which is just weird enough to make me want it even more!!!!

I feel that my principles are being sorely tried at the moments.  Part of me says, anything that you see on eBay will come up again another time at a better price and besides, when have you ever seen a single figure go for $50?!?  That's sort of insane for a figure set.  I mean, you can sometimes get a nice Mansion for less than that!

But the other part of me really just wants it no matter how much it is.

To bid or not to bid, that is the question....


  1. Thats pretty amazing but good lord I dont know if I could bring myself to pay that for it. Maybe no one will buy it and it will be relisted for less...

  2. Did you see it relisted?

  3. What do you guys think is a fair price to pay for the sunshine country picnic?

  4. Sarah,

    Yes, thank you, I did see that it was relisted. It's still pretty high for a figure set though, so I'm still not sure if I'll bid.


    I think I paid about $30 total (including shipping) for my sunshine country picnic, which was complete and in good shape (though not new in the box). I probably wouldn't have gone much higher than $40 myself. It is a rare set, but not impossible to find by any means.

  5. Hi! I just came across your blog while feeling nostalgic about all my old toys! I never had any of the sets, but I had a bunch of the figures.I guess some toyshop must have been selling off the figures cheap without the sets or something, because they just appeared in one of my dollshouses one day!
    I had the bride and groom, the ballerina, ice skater, wendy (i only know her name from seeing your blog), a gymnast ( i think? purple outfit) and baby amanda -although from photos baby amanda's outfit is usually yellow and mine is aqua! also had the pram, but no other accessories.
    loved looking through your blog! good luck with your collection!

  6. which upon further googling i guess mine is Baby Kirsten!

  7. I was obsessed with Wendy when I was a kid. I also had her marry the groom. I knew him as Brandon but I don't know if that was his real name or not. I just found your blog today and I love it. I still have Wendy and her key but I need a new cart for her. Now you have me wondering what colors my wheels were. I should be able to tell the colors of her wheels by the pic of me opening the gift.